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Action 1120/09

August 20 - September 4, 2010

An exhibition of pixel pictures by Urban Art / Anne Peschken and Marek Pisarsky in collaboration with participants in the cultural workplace of the LOWTEC gGmbH, funded by JobCenter Tempelhof-Schöneberg.

For the past year, the two artists Anne Peschken and Marek Pisarsky, who are working together under the name of Urban Art, are taking action 1120/09, organized by LOWTEC gGmbH and carried out on behalf of JobCenter Tempelhof-Schöneberg. Together with the participants of the action, a series of pixel images were created, which can be seen in the exhibition.

Quarts e.V. – Galerie corridor 23 | Urban Art - Eisbär


Quarts e.V. – Galerie corridor 23 | Urban Art - Gestrandet/Boatpeople

As a contrast at the other end of the social value scale followed "The stock exchange" (300 cm x 180 cm). In the further course of the measure, the topic of the workplace emerged. Painted workplaces from outside, actual potential jobs. The presentation of such topics is particularly suitable for pixel-image technology: because, just as one has to keep a great distance when looking at the images, if one wants to recognize the concrete image content, it is often also with the wishes, which become clearer from a greater distance perceptible and more attractive than when the person concerned is in the middle of the event or eg just before the real entry into the world of work. Thus, the observer also has to choose a suitable double-perspective viewpoint between zoom and zoom.

Quarts e.V. – Galerie corridor 23 | Urban Art - Karmann

Quarts e.V. – Galerie corridor 23 | Urban Art - Opel

Invitation to the exhibition as a PDF

Exhibitionexposé as PDF



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